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Beauty Lab Facials


Beauty Lab Glycolic and Enzyme Peel

Pure Glycolic acid gels formulated with pomegranate enzymes for optimum results. Available in 3 strenghts 10, 20 and 40%. Benificial for sun damaged skin, prematurly aged skin, dull and congested skin and acne prone skin.


45 mins £42.00

CRI Anti-aging Facial

High Preformance anti-aging peptidues used for instant complexion enhancing and linehydrating results. Rich in Tripeptide collagen leaves the skin feeling soothed and rehydrated.


50 mins £45.00

Relaxing Facial

Indulge in this pamapering facial used the Beauty Lab products. Skin will be left in perfect condition while all tension massaged away


60 mins £40.00

Beauty Lab Express Facial

For a quick fix, cleanse, tone and micro polish and mask that gives you an instant pick me up.


30 mins £26.00


Digi-Elite Microcurrent facial


Delay the aging process with state of the art microcurrent technology.


At the age of 35 the body's regeneration system peaks and the tissue begins to degenerate. This is due to a decrease in electrical impulses in the tissues. Microcurrent therapy is a proven technology that works by sending tiny electrical impulses through the skin draining harmful toxins, increasing collagen production, reducing wrinkles and overall giving the skin a more youthful and radiant look.


A course of treatments can help make you look younger, and a monthly top up will help maintain that young, fresh look.


75 mins £52.00