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Our Treatments

Calgel Nail Enhancements

Calgel is a revolutionary colour gel which is applied to the natural nail as an overlay and can last up to 3 weeks giving you a smuge proof, non-chip, lasting colour while protecting your own nails. If you wish more added length to your nails ask for extentions. The Gel system is a thin, flexible and durable quailty semi-permanent nail polish.

Calgel Overlay

Calgel Clear Overlay      £25.00         Infills £20.00
Calgel Color Overlay      £29.00         Infills £25.00
Calgel French Overlay     £31.00         Infills £29.00

Calgel Extentions

White Tips with Clear Gel     £33.00        
Natural Tips with French Gel Styled    £36.00
Natural Tips with Coloured Gel     £36.00        

Calgel Toe Overlay

For a permanent colour on your toes or french look to enhance your toes
Color Toe Overlay     £25.00
French Toe Overlay     £27.00


Shellac Manicure

The Ultimate 2 week high gloss polish that can be applied on hands or feet. It does not chip, lose its shine or shimmer. No smudging or buffing and no damage to the natural nail. Instantly dry.

Colour                   £24.00

Toe Colour            £24.00  

Toes French           £25.00

Shelliac Pedicur      £35.00